Business Spotlight: Midnight Blue Martial Arts

Many people seem to think that Karate is just a “kid thing.” That statement could not be further from the truth. Kim Gupton, the owner and a teacher at Midnight Blue Martial Arts, sat down with Kevin Bullock of WIZS to give you the breakdown.

Gupton said, “Many people think that Karate is just something for their kids to do, and they just watch. I have a parent or two that wants to get on the mat every once in a while, but that’s rare.” Karate was actually invented by adults, for adults.

Gupton also said, “People think that their child is going to get hurt doing karate; not here. We have had less than five people get hurt since we started, and that wasn’t because they did something wrong on the mat.”

Midnight Blue Martial Arts also does cheerleading from September until April, but the Karate lessons and training are year-round.

The process of going from a white belt to a black belt takes about four years. Gupton said, “It’s a four year college for kids and adults.”

When Gupton was asked why she decided to take up Karate, she said, “It gives confidence. I’ve never been in a situation where I was intimidated, because I knew I had this in my back pocket.”

To learn more about Midnight Blue Martial Arts call Kim at 252-438-8896 or visit them on Facebook.

Citizens Aligned to Take Back Henderson Holds Second Meeting

On Monday night at the Maria Parham Medical Center Auditorium, a group of concerned citizens known as “Citizens Aligned to take back Henderson, NC”, met to discuss the state of dilapidating structures within the city limits. Steve Cordell, fire chief for the City of Henderson, and Alan Faulkner, of Faulkner Grading & Landscaping, addressed concerned citizens and provided quality answers to questions.

Cordell broke down the process of burning down a structure. Cordell said, “We have to evaluate the home for asbestos, check tax leans, financial considerations, process of removal, it’s a lot.” Cordell went on with, “…apply for demolition permits…file for air quality, get state approval, and do a cost benefit analysis.”

The process of burning abandoned houses in the City of Henderson is going to take time and money. However, there are other options.

Faulkner said, “It costs as much tear down a house as it does to take it to the landfill.”

The general consensus of the meeting was whether it is burning down abandoned homes or tearing them down, something must be done for the appearance and perception of the City of Henderson and all of Vance County.

The next step for the group is to take their cause to both the Henderson City Council and Vance County Board of Commissioners.

To learn more about Citizens Aligned to take back Henderson, like them on Facebook at